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Empowering Your Board to Friendraise

Looking to engage your board of directors who may feel uneasy about fundraising or sponsorship development? Start with a "friendraising" strategy--emphasizing the cultivation of genuine connections and the development of a supportive network of allies and advocates.

Here are 3 tips to guide your board in getting started:

🤝 1. Foster Personal Connections:

Encourage board members to build genuine relationships in their networks. Friendraising is about personal connections. Whether at industry events or through social platforms, authentic relationships lay the groundwork for meaningful partnerships.

🔄 2. Amplify Shared Values:

Emphasize the shared values between your organization and potential supporters. When board members communicate these shared ideals, it resonates authentically and attracts friends who align with your mission. Aligning values strengthens the foundation of your network.

📢 3. Empower as Advocates:

Equip board members with the tools and information to be effective advocates. Think quick bullet points and infographics. When they understand the organization's goals and impact, they become compelling storytellers. Empower them to share your narrative passionately, turning friends into advocates for your cause.

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