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"Lori is an absolute pleasure to work with. From our initial meeting I was impressed by her professionalism, passion and her eagerness to share her wisdom with others. As her client, she tailored her consulting to fit my strengths and background. I am confident that the skills she has taught me make me a better employee and will help me as I grow in my career. I would highly recommend her services!” 

- Catey McSweeney, Strategic Growth and Membership Manager, California Council of Behavioral Health Agencies (CBHA)

"Rarely do people live up to their advanced billing...  You (Lori) on the other hand, surpass yours.  You lifted my spirits with your can-do attitude and positive approach to finding sponsorship."

- Jane Whitney. Host of Common Ground with Jane Whitney, PBS Television Show and NPR, Apple, Android Podcast

“In my fairly long career in public media I have had the opportunity to work with only a few colleagues whose passion and dedication to public media transcends their job descriptions. You (Lori) are one of those people and I am happy to have worked with you.”

- Kevin Martin, CEO, ideastream Public Media

“As a small nonprofit association, I knew we needed Growth Owl, LLC., but I didn’t know how much we needed Growth Ow, LLC. !! Once I sat down with Lori and learned more about how she could transform the way we have “always” done things, I realized how much we needed someone to take us from being great to being fabulous. I’m always impressed with her thoughtful reports and ideas and her turnaround time is fast. I’m grateful that I have a resource I can turn to that’s helping my organization grow in the right direction.”

- Coleen Rice, Executive Director, Leadership Medina County

“Lori is an extraordinary collaborator who delivers results. Her "outside-the-box” creativity, thorough research, and diligent attention to detail…is surpassed only by her abilities to ask great questions, incorporate feedback, and develop customized engagement strategies. As a result of her work and advocacy, Great Lakes Theater activated new sponsors in the first year of its partnership with Growth Owl, LLC."

- Todd Krispinsky, Managing Director, Great Lakes Theater

“I am happy to say that thanks to Lori’s expertise and training, our sales rep has been very successful—despite the challenges of the pandemic—and last month for the first time in a very long time, the underwriting revenue line exceeded its budgeted projections.   Lori knows her stuff. She is a strong, capable consultant and a very hard worker. She delivers on what she promises. I highly recommend her.”

- Trina Cutter, President & CEO, PBS Western Reserve

"I started working with Lori Zoss Kraska about five years ago. She has been an enormous asset to our nonprofit organization. Lori has provided me with ways to improve our exposure, ideas for press releases, and strategies for raising funds. She is not only someone who provides an enormous amount of expertise and knowledge, but she is also encouraging and supportive. Lori has been a tremendous help, and I couldn't have done it without her."

- Suzanne Smith, Executive Director/Founder Amazon River Dolphin Conservation Foundation 

"Lori and Growth Owl, LLC connected our Township and firefighter's association to corporate funding to purchase an inflatable Community Safety House. Without Lori's hard work, contacts and follow-up on this project, we would not have received this awesome educational resource."

- Chief Anthony Strazzo, Brunswick Hills Township Fire Department/Brunswick Hills Firefighters Association

"Lori is one of the most delightful, easy-to-work-with thought leaders I've ever had the chance to engage. Not only is Lori generous with her wisdom and knowledge, but she is a constant source of new ideas and has a spirit of helpfulness. When Lori is on stage, whether it's in-person or for a virtual event, executives consistently lean into her contagious energy and walk away with unique yet practical concepts, and are empowered to set new goals. Having Lori in the lineup is always a win!"    

- Teri Carden, CEO ReviewMyAMS/Founder Non Dues A Palooza Conference

"Lori Zoss Kraska is a "go-to" leader in the space. Her commitment to helping non-profits is undeniably strong, and her success rate is stellar."  

- Andy Jacob, CEO Dot Com Magazine

Whether you’re new to fundraising or you’re a seasoned professional, Lori can help you succeed in ways that you never thought possible. With more than 22 years of experience in revenue generation management and fundraising, as well as the distinction of being a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE), Lori is well-equipped to guide (you) through the process of finding corporate funding. 

- Jack Teodore, New York Weekly

"Lori is full of powerful and creative ideas.  I spent some time with her talking about the 501c3 I work on and she downloaded me with so many ideas I hadn't considered before..I strongly recommend that you reach out to her to learn about how you can work together to raise more non dues revenue for your association."

- Deedra Daniel, Founder/Host/Game Creator The Interesting Conversations Company

"Whether you’re new to fundraising or you’re a seasoned professional, Lori can help you succeed in ways that you never thought possible"

- Gerald Palmer, Writer/Blogger, Valiant CEO

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