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As the importance of sponsorship program support for non profits and non dues revenue for associations continues to accelerate, Growth Owl, LLC offers a suite of services to help jump start your organization’s specific needs in order to achieve your revenue goals! 


For those just starting a corporate support program to those looking to improve on initial success, Growth Owl, LLC is pleased to serve various size non profits, associations and other purpose driven organizations with their most immediate needs. Additionally, services geared specifically towards engaging CSR and Sustainability thought leaders are available to increase the reach of your organization’s good work.​

  • Introductory outreach to corporations as available on behalf of non profits and associations (Limited Availability)

  • Onsite/online training for generating corporate support/sponsorship funding

  • Building corporate support and non dues revenue programs

  • Sponsorship valuation of programs

  • Best practices for engaging CSR, and Sustainability thought leaders for sponsorship/partnership 

  • Revenue generating team talent assessment and recommendations

  • Strategies to engage boards and generate buy in

  • Research

  • Change management and creating a culture of revenue generation

  • One on one coaching and mentoring

  • Customized services for Executive Directors/High Level Leadership

  • Communication services

Schedule a complimentary intro Zoom call with Lori today.


 Associations, Non Profits & Purpose Driven Organizations

Lori creates connections that are mutually beneficial. 


Board of Directors

Lori specializes in coaching, training, and mentoring for boards.

Speaking Engagements

Book Lori as a featured speaker or panelist for your next event.


Meeting Facilitation/Moderation

Strategic session services to help purpose-driven organizations achieve meeting goals efficiently.

Public Media Broadcasters

Lori understands the unique challenges Public Media Broadcasters face.

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