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Growth Owl, LLC strategic session services are designed to support purpose-driven organizations in achieving their meeting goals effectively and efficiently. We provide energetic facilitation/moderation for board meetings, strategic planning sessions, and stakeholder engagements, ensuring that every meeting is productive and outcome-focused. With our facilitation services, organizations can harness the collective wisdom of their team and make informed decisions that drive positive change.


Growth Owl, LLC works closely with your organization to understand your objectives and desired outcomes for each meeting. We help you set clear agendas, manage discussions, and ensure that all voices are heard. By creating a supportive and inclusive environment, we help your team brainstorm ideas, make decisions, and develop actionable plans.


Facilitation/moderation services also include post-meeting follow-up to ensure that decisions are implemented effectively and progress is monitored. With our support, your organization can navigate complex issues, build consensus, and achieve your goals with confidence.

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 Associations, Non Profits & Purpose Driven Organizations

Lori creates connections that are mutually beneficial. 


Board of Directors

Lori specializes in coaching, training, and mentoring for boards.

Speaking Engagements

Book Lori as a featured speaker or panelist for your next event.


Meeting Facilitation/Moderation

Strategic session services to help purpose-driven organizations achieve meeting goals efficiently.

Public Media Broadcasters

Lori understands the unique challenges Public Media Broadcasters face.

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