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Welcome to Growth Owl's educational video series. To view more and get updates on new videos added, please follow our YouTube channel.   

The 4M's to Corporate Sponsorship

Lori Zoss Kraska, MBA, CFRE reveals her 4 M's of successful corporate sponsorship support and how to stay engaged and relevant to potential corporate sponsors, as well as the power of preparation.


Growth Owl, LLC founder Lori Zoss Kraska talks about how her business came about and her expertise in finding corporate support dollars and resources for nonprofits, associations, and other purpose-driven organizations.

Getting the Money

Lori Zoss Kraska reviews the first steps in getting money and resources from corporations and the power of starting a conversation before support is needed.

Making the Connection

Lori Zoss Kraska discusses the importance of making the connection quickly between your purpose-driven organization and the corporation's community engagement goals as well as the power of brevity when engaging a corporation for support.

Power of Appreciation

Lori Zoss Kraska emphasizes the importance of employees feeling appreciated for their efforts by their managers/organizations and how that sense of appreciation translates into retention and loyalty.  She also talks about asking for help if you're a manager who has concerns about a loyal employee potentially leaving the company.

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