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Growth Owl, LLC empowers boards of directors with the skills and mindset needed to participate in fundraising and friendraising activities.  Programs are tailored to help board members understand the critical role of corporate sponsorship support in achieving organizational goals. 


Training and workshops are also available in:

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Enhancing board members' ability to connect with sponsors, donors, and stakeholders on a deeper level

  • Asking for/providing referrals

  • Maximizing impact as board members

  • Internal and external communication skills


Full and half day sessions also available as well as specialized programming/scheduling for board retreats.

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 Associations, Non Profits & Purpose Driven Organizations

Lori creates connections that are mutually beneficial. 


Board of Directors

Lori specializes in coaching, training, and mentoring for boards.

Speaking Engagements

Book Lori as a featured speaker or panelist for your next event.


Meeting Facilitation/Moderation

Strategic session services to help purpose-driven organizations achieve meeting goals efficiently.

Public Media Broadcasters

Lori understands the unique challenges Public Media Broadcasters face.

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