Lori has been a regular featured speaker and panelist at various Association and Non Profit conferences both in person and online. She's also showcased her expertise at various public media conferences and leadership organization events.


These appearances include: Non Dues a Palooza, 100 Reviews Webinars, US Transcorp Leadership Series, Greater Public Webinars, Lakeland Non Profit Center Conference, Public Media Development and Marketing Conference, PBS Annual Meeting, American Marketing Association,  Alumni Speakers Bureau, and various  professional organizations.


Sample Topics:

  • 5 Ways to Inspire Your Board of Directors to Generate Non Dues Revenue and Sponsorship 

  • Steps to Successfully Engaging Corporations for Non Dues Revenue and Sponsorship

  • Incorporating and Finding Funding for DEI and Sustainability into Your Sponsorship Offerings

  • How to Start a Corporate Sponsorship Initiative within your Association or Non Profit

  • DIY: Proposal Clean Up

  • What Companies are Looking for when Assessing Sponsorship Opportunities from Association, Non Profits, and Purpose Driven Organizations

  • Going Beyond the Marketing Department: How and Where to Engage Other Parts of Corporations for Non Dues Revenue and Corporate Sponsorship

  • Taking the Anxiety Out of Asking for Money 


Other General Topics:

  • Effective Persuasion Techniques 

  • Prospecting and other introductory sales topics

  • Empowering Women Series

  • Getting Started (How to get going and get started on any new project)


References available upon request.


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