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Growth Owl, LLC Founder and author Lori Zoss Kraska, MBA, CFRE offers high impact, specialized coaching, training, and mentoring for startups founders and executives looking to fundraise and resource raise from Fortune 1000 and other large companies.


As an authority in successfully connecting clients to Fortune 1000 companies like Google, Goldman Sachs, Pfizer and others, Lori shares her key principles of success and works with startup founders and their executives nationwide to transform their needs, knowledge, and enthusiasm into well-crafted messages, pitches, and delivery that are key in persuading decision makers for funding and resources.


Lori’s philosophy is understanding and aligning the Me Me Mo— her term for the mental, the message, and the motion –using sound and successful principles of persuasion, communication, and engagement to kickstart your startups fundraising goals and set you apart from competitors.  She caps it off her sessions with fun and a healthy dose of common sense.


Lori Regularly Coaches/Trains/Mentors Startup’s on the Following:

  • Developing a positive mindset that’s attractive to corporate funders and tackling any fears or anxieties around asking for large amounts of money

  • Tackling your periwinkle zombies– Lori’s term for the people, situations, and thinking that prevent you from getting the funding your startup deserves

  • Understanding the nuances of the corporate funding landscape and its decision-makers

  • Effectively Researching Your Potential Funders–Going beyond websites and Financial Statements

  • Using Persuasive Techniques to Generate Buy In, Likeability, and Connection

  • The importance of brevity and focused communication 

  • How to prepare a proposal and/or pitch that sets you apart

  • How to develop and manage both your personal and startup’s expectations

  • The Nuances of In Person Vs. Virtual Pitches

  • Picking Up on Verbal and Non Verbal Cues… What are they saying without saying a word?

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 Associations, Non Profits & Purpose Driven Organizations

Lori creates connections that are mutually beneficial. 



Lori specializes in coaching, training, and mentoring for startups founders and executives looking for funding.

Public Media Broadcasters

Lori understands the unique challenges Public Media Broadcasters face.

Speaking Engagements

Book Lori as a featured speaker or panelist for your next event.

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