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Engage Your Board in Sponsorship

Are you a leader of a purpose driven organization and unsure how to engage your board of directors in getting buy in for sponsorship engagement? 

Here's a great way to get started:

🤝 Collaborate on a Sponsor Vision and Profile:

* 🔍 Engage your board in crafting the sponsorship vision. A shared understanding of sponsorship goals and potential impact fosters enthusiasm and understanding. This exercise also ensures everyone is on the same page as to how sponsors will engage with your organization.

* 📄 Work together to create an optimal sponsor profile: what are the characteristics of optimal sponsors for your organization? What are you looking for in terms of involvement from sponsors? This profile also includes ideal industries, sponsor mission/vision/values, and best matches to support your organization's programming/opportunities. Creating a sponsor profile up front means no surprises; board members will have a clear understanding as to the type of sponsors you'll be engaging. 

🚀 Once you've completed the above, you can consider more engagement activities like workshops that encourage your board members to help grow your organization's ambassadorship efforts with both sponsors and your community.

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